Company Description: 

Help Me Grow is a system of supports for pregnant women, caregivers with new babies, and families with young children with developmental delays and disabilities.  Services are provided through Home Visiting (Ohio Department of Health) and Early Intervention (Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities).

Home Visiting is a voluntary, home-based program offered at no cost to your family.  Our home visitors are well-trained professionals who use a compassionate approach that offers information and support during pregnancy, and empowers you as the parent with skills, tools, and confidence to nurture the healthy growth of your child through the earliest years – a critical time of development.

Concerned about your child’s development? Act Early!  If you’re concerned that a child may have a delay or disability, it’s important to refer them for Early Intervention as soon as possible. Early Intervention can address all types of concerns, like crawling or walking, speech delays, or social interaction like playing with other children or smiling.  Early Intervention is available in every part of the state and to any eligible child, regardless of the family’s income.