Ohio AAP Annual Meeting

2021 Awards Winners

Special Achievement Award for Protecting Ohio’s Children and Families During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Maggie Dade, DO
  • Amy Buck, DO
  • Akron Children’s Hospital

  • Contributions and support of the LARC QI Program by training pediatricians across Ohio to meet the reproductive health needs of adolescents
  • Generously given their time, expertise, and passion for improving reproductive health
  • Provided training, content, and advising on youth-friendly services and participation on the larger advisory committees

Leonard P. Rome Award 

  • Parenting at Mealtime & Playtime (PMP) Program
    • Sarah Adams, MD, FAAP
    • Alex Miller, MPH

  • Honoring over 15 years of education, quality improvement and strategy on parenting, nutrition and obesity-prevention to pediatricians and families across the state and country
  • Efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure children stay healthy through nutrition and physical activity
  • Provided education and support of well-child visits and practice management throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

William Cotton Pediatrician Advocate Award 

  • Chris Peltier, MD, FAAP

  • Honoring his continual time, talent, and dedication to the health and safety of Ohio’s children
  • Providing innovative and informative content through media, education and engagement of pediatricians and families
  • Leadership in the chapter and across the state to spread information and news to keep children safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Elizabeth Spencer Ruppert Outstanding Pediatrician of the Year Award

  • Jonathan Price, MD, FAAP

Video Celebrating Dr. Price’s Award

  • Honoring Dr. Price’s passion and leadership in the Ohio AAP Executive Committee and Pediatric Care Council over the past 16 years
  • Commitment to the practice of pediatrics through payment and relationship building between pediatricians and Ohio’s Managed Care Organizations
  • Leadership, expertise, and advocacy while serving as Chair of the National AAP Committee on Child Health Financing